“Hands down one of the best up and comics in Queens and NYC!”
—Queens Gazette
“Worked with Chris as a writer, actor, and comedian and I have to say, he truly has an ‘out of the box’ sense of humor. Such an imaginative wit. He’s a true talent to be reckoned with and enjoyed! Catch him ‘live’ or read his original writing / works / plays to laugh at so many of his truthful insights and ironies!”
—Nina Murano, Award winning actress, singer, songwriter and lyricist
“I met Chris through a one act competition and smiled when I did. Chris is a very talented writer, comedian, vocal impersonator and theatrical force. I told him and will tell you that if I had ever had a son (I am old! 🙂) I would like him to be just like Chris! He is so very talented, energetic, enthusiastic, personable and handsome. What more could you ask for?”
—Rick Mascaro, Executive Director, Lake Shore Center for the Arts
“Noticed my employees were starting to get a little burned out so I figured why not hire a comedian to help boost moral. Brought in Chris Ferretti for my company and he absolutely killed! Besides being absolutely hilarious, he was also 100% professional. And my God, his impressions are so spot on – especially his Trump! You gotta hire this guy!”
—Manning Drake, President, Climate Solutions
“You can tell this guy really loves what he does for a living. Brought Chris in for my company mixer / company roast and immediately he was a crowd favorite!! Great communication before and after the event, super professional, and I was blown away at how he went above and beyond to take everything to the next level! Everyone had so much fun! The laughs we had. We still talk about it. Can’t wait to bring him back again and again!!”
—Walter Chantlos, VP of Operations, Dralos Inc.
“Chris Ferretti is a fantastic comic who draws you into his wacky world of quirky characters with wild stories and powerful punchlines. His fine writing is matched by a stellar performance that makes him a fan favorite at any show.”
—Andrew Ginsburg, comedian and author of Pumping Irony, www.AndrewGinsburg.com
“Chris is one of the most talented people I know and the person I think of first when I’m casting a new project. His comedic timing, writing, impersonation skills and acting make him one of my all-time favorites. But even more than that, I think Chris’s superpower is his ability to connect with people on and off the stage. Every encounter with Chris is always a memorable one with a guaranteed laugh. He is someone I trust completely. Chris is the utmost professional with a heart as big as his personality.”
—Pat Gallio, Founder of Breakthrough Casting
“I met Chris a few years ago when he came to me for voice over coaching. He really took it all very seriously and has gotten ongoing work in VO through his own efforts. I knew when auditions and jobs came in, he would be on my short list of people to submit because of his “go-getter” attitude and professionalism. And when I did suggest Chris for a VO job, he booked it!! And because of his talent and professionalism, he has gotten repeat work with this producer over and over again. Also, I must mention, he is a very funny stand-up comedian who does many impressions as well!”
—David Zema, 20+ year voice over artist, producer, www.DavidZema.com
“I love working with Chris. More than just a hilarious guy, he’s authentic, sincere and always such a consummate professional. Whether it’s a club, a college, a corporate gig, he always wants to take your event to the next level. That’s so rare to find in an entertainer these days.”
—Krista Komador, comedian, actress, producer, www.madamekomondor.com

“And this…? This is what you’ve decided to do with your education?”

“Why couldn’t you just sell drugs like everyone else your age?”

“I love his plays! They really help me level out the coffee table in my living room.”

“Horrible impersonator. Sounds nothing like me.”
—Donald Trump

“Watched his comedy special while I was on trial for that triple homicide that I definitely didn’t commit. Not bad.”
—Tollbooth Tony

“Last year he was only late with his rent twelve times. Which is still better than the time I rented to Shia LaBeouf.”
Lorenzo my landlord